​Subaru Excels in Fuel Efficiency Tests

All car manufacturers make claims about the merits of its vehicles – but can you always trust them? Just because a figure quotes fuel efficiency or brake horse power, does this make it a fact?

It is understandable that any company will seek to gain a competitive edge but being economical with the truth is often quickly exposed. Reviewers are numerous and will seize on inaccuracies quickly and ruthlessly.

These days, there is no hiding place for companies who make claims they cannot substantiate because social media will soon spread the word. A very good example is the furore that occurred as a result of tests carried out by leading German car magazine, Auto Motor und Sport.

Approximately 600 models were tested in a programme that took over two years. Of all the cars that were put through their paces, only five were shown to have published figures that were matched in the ‘real world’. Each vehicle was tested on the same 171-mile course that incorporated country roads, congested city traffic and motorways.

Subaru came second out of the entire pool of marques that were checked. The clinical trials showed that Subaru were honest about the fuel economy figures they published. In fact, they exceeded the official New European Drive Cycle CO2 emissions ratings by six percent on average.

Virtually every other manufacturer fell short of their fuel economy figures claims, some by up to 14.4%. These findings demonstrate that Subaru is a brand you can trust.

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