Used Car Finance in Shropshire

At Shukers, we are proud of our ability to offer customers reliable cars at reasonable prices. As anyone who has ever purchased a car will know, a flexible financing arrangement that suits your needs is just as important as an impressive headline rate.

The financing packages we offer in association with Black Horse Finance suit the circumstances and priorities of a disparate range of customers. The Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase arrangements available from our two locations offer competitive rates of APR and a great deal of leeway regarding deposits and/or final repayments.

Shukers are also happy to offer a variety of other specialist financial products. GAP insurance, for example, protects you against a sudden and drastic fall in the resale value of your vehicle (e.g. in case of theft or a serious accident) by covering the difference between the value of your vehicle and the maximum amount covered by your conventional insurance policy.

Our Shrewsbury, Telford and Ludlow locations offer the services of knowledgeable vehicle financing specialists, who will be able to discuss your circumstances and priorities with you and give you informed guidance on your available options. Contact us today for further details about our financing packages.