Click to Buy

The smarter, easier way to buy a car

Another innovation brought to you by Hyundai.

How it works

Simple and quick

Click to Buy is the quick and easy way to

buy or lease a new Hyundai from the comfort of your own home. You can

get and compare quotes, configure your car, apply for finance and pay

your deposit, all online.

Step 1

Start by telling us how much you'd like to spend

If you've a car you want to sell, we'll give you a part-exchange value. Then you can pay by cash, or if you'd like to finance your car, simply tell us how much you are comfortable paying each month and we'll provide you with a personalised quote.

Step 2

Discover local deals

Click on the optional ‘see more cars’ button (account creation required), select your local dealer and you can browse any available discounts.

Step 3

Configure your car and compare quotes

Next tailor your personalised quote by configuring your car to suit you. You can compare and save as many quotes as you like before deciding what's right for you.

Step 4

Select the dealership that suits you

Create an account, select your handover dealer and a convenient time when you would like to pick the car up from them or, for cash customers, have it delivered to your home.

Step 5

Apply for finance and pay deposit, no haggling

When you've decided on the quote to suit you, you can apply for finance and get approval (this may take a few minutes). Then it's simply a case of paying the initial payment of £250 and then the balance of your deposit.

Step 6

Pick up your car or have it delivered (box not included)

Your car will be available to pick up from your local dealership after you have completed your purchase. Alternatively, if you're paying cash, we can deliver the car to you. Simple.