Hyundai UK’s Electrified Momentum Continues

Position as a Leader in Electrified Mobility Continues in 2021

- The entire range of Hyundai electrified models is now available throughout January-March with a range of special offers; KONA Electric with its 300-mile range.

- Hyundai continues to welcome customers nationwide, with its Click to Buy service – first launched in 2016 – allowing customers to complete their research and choose their car online.

- Hyundai remains a a leader in electrified powertrains, offering a total of 18 electrified models by 2025.

> Hyundai Motor UK continues to be one of the largest providers of electrified vehicles in the UK, carrying momentum into 2021 with the launch of three new electrified vehicles.

Explore the Hyundai Electric Range

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All Electric Hyundai KONA
All Electric Hyundai IONIQ
All Electric Hyundai IONIQ