The Light at the End of the Tunnel

UK's Heading Back to Normal Life

The majority of Brits are more optimistic than ever that the UK is heading back to normal life, finds a survey commissioned by Hyundai.

In response, Hyundai has unveiled the world’s first ‘Tunnel of Light’ to act as a symbol of hope as the nation begins to emerge from lockdown and donates it to Guy’s hospital in London for use by staff and patients.

The Hyundai Tunnel of Light uses technology that replicates the rays of the sun to boost the mood of visitors.

The immersive light installation will be open from Monday 8th March – Sunday 4th April.

hyundai light tunnel
Hyundai Light Tunnel

The majority of Brits are more optimistic than ever that the UK is heading back to normal life, finds a survey commissioned by Hyundai. In response, Hyundai has unveiled the world’s first Tunnel of Light.

As the UK today begins to emerge from lockdown, a survey commissioned by Hyundai Motor UK, has found that more than 1 in 2 (54%) Brits have said they feel more optimistic that the nation is heading back towards normal life than at any point since the pandemic began 12 months ago, according to new research.

Over 2,000 Brits were surveyed and it found that nearly half (47%) are confident we are over the worst of the coronavirus pandemic and that circumstances are only set to get better. Indeed, the majority (55%) are optimistic that the UK will stick to the government’s roadmap outlined by Boris Johnson two weeks ago, which will see all legal limits on social contact lifted on Monday 21st June.

This follows a difficult winter with 9 out of 10 people surveyed revealing that sunlight is important to their physical (87%) and mental (89%) wellbeing and that they have suffered as a result of the long cold period.

In response, Hyundai has today launched the world’s first-ever ‘Tunnel of Light’, which recreates the brightness of the sun for visitors to enjoy and has been installed as a beacon of optimism for some of those most affected by the pandemic.

The first-of-its-kind Tunnel of Light - commissioned by Hyundai and created by world renowned light artists Squidsoup - has been gifted to Guy’s Hospital in London, where NHS staff and patients can bask in the glow of the immersive light installation between Monday 8th March and Sunday 4th April.

The 9-metre-long structure is stacked with 160 light boxes covering a staggering 25m², which are designed to emulate the sun’s rays. The installation features a vast array of collimated light sources that produces the illusion and perspective of a new sun, millions of miles away in a cloudless sky.

Those who enter the Hyundai Tunnel of Light, which took two months and required over 50 employees to build, will leave the experience feeling invigorated and refreshed as Guy’s and St Thomas’ celebrate officially hitting the milestone of administering 100,000 vaccinations.

Sunlight boosts our mental health by increasing serotonin and Vitamin D, improving our sleep and mood. It literally gives us a sunny disposition—something we all need just now! In a hospital so connected with Florence Nightingale, this project brings a new kind of lamp to its staff, patients and visitors. It offers a powerful symbol of hope and recovery after what has been a challenging year for many.
Paul CrawfordProfessor at the Institute of Mental Health and author of Cabin Fever: Surviving Lockdown in the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Tunnel of Light design and technology was inspired by the new Hyundai Tucson, including features such as the aesthetic Parametric Hidden Lights. The all-new Tucson is the fourth generation of Hyundai’s best-selling car and is available now in hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and 48-volt mild-hybrid options.

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hyundai light tunnel
Hyundai Light Tunnel

Consumer research was conducted by OnePoll from Wednesday 24th February – Monday 1st March. The top 10 positives that Brits are looking forward to when normal life resumes:

1. Spending time with family – 65%.

2. Spending time with friends – 62%.

3. Going on a staycation – 46%.

4. Going retail shopping – 42%.

5. Going to a pub or bar – 39%.

6. Going on a holiday abroad – 37%.

7. Going to the cinema – 30%.

8. Attending a live sports or music event – 29%.

9. Going to the gym – 19%.

10. Working from the office – 16%.