New Hyundai i30 N Enhanced for Maximum Driving Fun

An Enhanced Exterior Design Focused on Dynamic Performance

Hyundai Motor has unveiled the new i30 N, which comes with an enhanced design, a new wet-type eight-speed dual-clutch transmission (N DCT), and new advanced driver assistance and safety features.

With a variety of new features to improve both every day and high-performance driving situations, the new i30 is truly a racetrack-capable everyday sports car.

The i30 N became Hyundai’s first high-performance production car when it launched in 2017. So far, over 25,000 i30 N units have been sold in Europe, and the previous sporty hot hatch has won a number of awards, including the Auto Bild Sports Car of the Year in 2018. Hyundai N models have inspired a community of fans known as “N-enthusiasts”.

The new i30 N's design can be described in three words: performance, emotion, statement. Beyond a styling exercise, performance defines the changes made exclusively for the i30 N. Every design feature around the car has been developed with a focus on dynamic performance: the new i30 N’s appearance shows that it was naturally born for the racetrack.​

Shukers Hyundai New i30 N Car Dealership Showroom For Sale Offer Deal
Shukers Hyundai New i30 N Car Dealership Showroom For Sale Offer Deal
New i30 N

The new i30 hatchback N features an updated rear-end design, while the rear of the new i30 Fastback N remains unchanged. On the hatchback, the large wing spoiler with the distinctive N triangular brake light creates downforce and excellent balance, while the rear lamps have also been updated and feature a new LED signature. Two large exhaust pipes integrated into the lower bumper diffuser complete the image of the pure high-performance i30 N.

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