The all-new Hyundai Tucson

Smart Tech Hero with a Standout Design

- Advanced and experimental: the all-new Tucson is not just an evolution, but a Hyundai design revolution.

- New Parametric Hidden Lights – a state-of-the-art design technology – give the all-new Tucson a unique presence on the road.

- A best-in-class safety package and family-oriented convenience set new standards for forward-thinking customers.

- The all-new Tucson offers the most electrified powertrain line-up in the compact SUV segment, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, 48-volt mild hybrid option.

Hyundai has unveiled the all-new Tucson, which features an advanced, experimental design and state-of-the-art technology, setting new standards in the compact SUV segment.

In addition, it offers the most electrified powertrain line-up in its class, underscoring Hyundai’s commitment to clean driving, while retaining its true SUV character.

The all-new Tucson is the fourth generation of Hyundai’s successful best-seller with more than 7 million units sold around the globe since it launched in 2004. Of these, 1.4 million units have been sold in Europe. That makes it the company’s bestselling SUV globally. Hyundai’s new compact SUV arrives on the market with a revolutionary and ambitious new look that follows the company’s new Sensuous Sportiness design identity.

Hyundai New Tucson
Hyundai New Tucson

"Hyundai is the brand with the broadest line-up of electrified powertrains, ranging from mild hybrid, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery-electric to fuel cell electric variants. With the introduction of the all-new Tucson it was key to also expand the electrification to our global best-selling SUV. This launch marks a further milestone for Hyundai, as we now offer electrified versions of our full SUV range. With its progressive design and state-of-the-art powertrains line-up, the all-new Tucson will remain one of the key products for Hyundai in Europe."

Michael Cole
President and CEO at Hyundai Motor Europe

Hyundai New Tucson
Hyundai New Tucson

‘Parametric Dynamics’: a revolutionary and unique exterior at the cutting-edge of SUV design'

Rather than simply an evolution of the previous generation model, the all-new Tucson represents a revolution for Hyundai in design terms. Overall, it features a bigger and wider body than its predecessor. Its muscular stance combines sharp angles and dynamic proportions with rich surfaces, ensuring a progressive look without compromising on Tucson’s rugged SUV heritage..

Hyundai New Tucson
Hyundai New Tucson
"The mission of ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ is to elevate the emotional qualities of automotive design. We want our customers to feel moved. With the all-new Tucson, we are introducing its ultimate evolution and a definitive statement about Hyundai’s unstoppable forward momentum. Tucson’s advanced, experimental design is true to its pioneering spirit and raises the game in the industry’s most competitive segment."

SangYup Lee
Senior Vice President and Head of Hyundai Global Design Center

The most prominent display of these parametric jewels is on the vehicle’s front grille, where Parametric Hidden Lights provide a strong first impression. When the lights are off, the front of the vehicle appears covered in dark, geometric patterns, with no distinction between the signature LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), which are seamlessly integrated into the grille. Thanks to state-of-the-art half-mirror lighting technology, when the DRLs are switched on, the dark chrome appearance of the grille transforms into jewel-like shapes, bringing an eye-catching element to an otherwise sleek appearance.

Hyundai New Tucson
Hyundai New Tucson

Exterior colours:

All-new Tucson customers can choose from nine exterior colours overall, including three new ones: Shimmering Silver, Amazon Gray and Teal. Moreover, the option of a two-tone roof in either a Phantom Black or Dark Knight offers customers even more scope for personalisation. Each exterior body colour can be combined with a two-tone roof.

A clean and sophisticated interior combines maximum comfort with seamless technology

Getting into the all-new Tucson’s sophisticated and spacious interior, or INTERSPACE is like entering a neatly organised room where everyday concerns disappear. Inside, space, technology and information intersect harmoniously. Featuring sensuous forms inspired by waterfalls, twin silver garnish lines streaming from the centre fascia to the rear doors harmonise neatly layered premium surface materials in complementary neutral tones.

​A clean and sophisticated interior combines maximum comfort with seamless technology

Getting into the all-new Tucson’s sophisticated and spacious interior, or INTERSPACE, is like entering a neatly organised room where everyday concerns disappear. Inside, space, technology and information intersect harmoniously. Featuring sensuous forms inspired by waterfalls, twin silver garnish lines streaming from the centre fascia to the rear doors harmonise neatly layered premium surface materials in complementary neutral tones.

The ergonomically-positioned armrest is connected with the shift by wire application, for intuitive use by the driver, while also giving the car a clean and modern appeal.

State-of-the-art technology and connectivity

The all-new Tucson is equipped with a host of state-of-the-art human-oriented technology features to provide an advanced digital experience.

The fully digital configurable dual cockpit consists of a new 10.25-inch open cluster and 10.25-inch AVN-T screen. This offers a personalised space that is intuitively optimised for a high-tech user experience. For example, the colour schemes of the cluster change depending on which drive mode is selected.

Hyundai New Tucson
Hyundai New Tucson

The all-new Tucson delivers increased comfort and convenience for every type of driver

For the first time in a Hyundai vehicle, the all-new Tucson’s hidden type Multi-Air Mode technology consists of a combination of direct and indirect air vents for air conditioning and heating to create a more a pleasant indoor environment with more gentle airflow. When this mode is activated, the air is dispersed to the newly added multi-air slots in the front, in addition to the normal air vents.

Increased roominess

The all-new Tucson’s dynamic proportions and new platform provide a wide, open interior space that guarantees occupants comfort and roominess usually reserved for models in the segment above.

Most comprehensive active safety and driving assist package in its class

With best-in-class advanced driver-assistance systems and an active safety package with a range of innovative features, the all-new Tucson delivers even more peace of mind for Hyundai customers.

The all-new Tucson is outfitted with an enhanced seven-airbag system, which features a new first-row centre side airbag, a feature unique to this segment. This prevents front row passengers from colliding with one another in the case of a collision, minimising the risk of serious injuries. When the deployment of the airbags is trigged by a front or side impact, multi-collision braking automatically applies emergency brakes to reduce the risk of secondary, or multiple, collisions.

For further peace of mind, Hyundai offers its industry-leading five-year unlimited mileage warranty with the all-new Tucson.

Four-wheel drive and Terrain Modes make the all-new Tucson a true SUV

The all-new Tucson consolidates its true SUV credentials with 4x4 capabilities, thanks to its new Terrain Mode selector, which provides even more enjoyment for drivers.

A comfortable or sporty ride with new Electronic Controlled Suspension and tuning

The all-new Tucson has been developed and tested in Europe performing accelerated durability tests and dynamic testing on the most demanding race track in the world, the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife, as well as undergoing rigorous public-road testing throughout Europe from the coldest winter testing conditions in Sweden to trailer testing in the Alps and hot weather testing in the south of Spain to ensure that the high expectations of European customers are met.

Hyundai’s new Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT)

All-new Tucson customers have the option of Hyundai’s newly developed iMT. iMT operates purely electronically, and decouples the engine from the transmission after the driver releases the accelerator while driving at constant speed, allowing the car to enter into coasting mode. This improves overall fuel efficiency.