Land Rover & Range Rover Fleet

Extraordinary Vehicles & Services for the most Distinctive BusinessesAs a long-standing motoring dealer in the county of Shropshire and in Aberystwyth, we work hard to make and keep strong working relationships with businesses in our community. You can drive any vehicle in your business. If you want one that genuinely stands out, choose Land Rover.

Electrify your fleet with the PHEV range

The confidence and reliability of Land Rover vehicles – not to mention their space, comfort and equipment - lend them plenty of suitability for commercial use. As every single model is built and fitted to incredibly high standards, you can have confidence in any Land Rover that you choose from our showrooms.

Low tailpipe emissions, reduced running costs and significant tax savings are just some of the reasons why its time to embrace the electric revolution with our plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Whether you make daily deliveries or regular motorway trips, keeping your business on the road is a priority. For the duration of your ownership, we’ll support you and your chosen Land Rover by offering warranties and cover, genuine replacement parts, and manufacturer-approved servicing at our best prices. Use our online contact form to make an enquiry about our business services today, make a call or visit us to discuss your needs. Whether you’re a company owner looking for one vehicle or a fleet manager in need of several models, we can provide the solution that’s best for you and your business.

Explore the Land Rover Defender Hard Top and the Discovery Commercial Available at Shukers.