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A sleek, aerodynamic, and distinctive silhouette defines the extraordinary new Land Rover Discovery Sport, complementing the time-honoured quality associated with the renowned marque with an appearance that will appeal to the most discerning motorist.

With a flexible interior that builds on the refinement of the standard Discovery, the new Land Rover Discovery Sport adds even greater appeal, with the modern and compelling design ensuring it stands out among its rivals through its refined aesthetic


Innovation courses through the new Land Rover Discovery Sport, with entertainment, comfort, and safety all benefiting from the highest standards of development and ingenuity.

Terrain Response®+ ensures capable, controlled driving regardless of the surface; an emergency braking system+ uses stereo cameras to calculate collision risk; and Park Assist offers a suite of features to help you enter and leave parking spaces with the utmost ease.

With a number of additional technologies available to enhance the driving experience further, the Discovery Sport can be relied upon to deliver the ultimate in contemporary motoring.

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Impeccable attention to detail has been afforded to even the smallest detail within the new Land Rover Discovery Sport. The contemporary appearance works with a well-proportioned body to establish itself as a class leader in such a competitive market.

With bold lines and clean, uncluttered surfaces, quality finishes and optional leather upholstery, the new Land Rover Discovery Sport’s cabin offers an environment that epitomises luxury and comfort.

With technology that is intuitive and makes driving effortless, and entertainment options to keep all passengers occupied, this is a model that offers everything the modern motorist demands.


An array of manual and automatic transmissions is available across the new Land Rover Discovery Sport range, but it is the variety of engines – including the 2.0-litre eD4 – that delivers exceptional driving performance to set the vehicle apart from the rest.

For speed and acceleration, the 2.0-litre Si4 Petrol Automatic races from 0-60mph in just 8.2 seconds; efficiency, meanwhile, is delivered via the 2.0-litre TD4 Diesel Manual, with up to 48.7mpg combined and CO2 emissions as low as 149g/km possible. Plus, with the delivery of the 2.0-litre eD4, these figures will be surpassed to provide even greater performance.

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