Land Rover Allegiance at Shukers

Allegiance Membership Scheme

The Allegiance membership scheme is a unique benefit that we offer to all Shukers customers. Even if you didn't originally select your Land Rover at our dealerships, as an owner the scheme is free to join. Drivers who regularly visit us for parts and servicing enjoy exclusive deals and discounts by continuing to choose Shukers – including labour, parts and accessories.

Once you've joined the scheme, you'll receive an Allegiance loyalty card that's individual to you. Through the card's chip, we can give you all of the discounts and benefits that you've earned. The chip also keeps full records of your Land Rover's MOT and service history for your peace of mind. As a result, we're able to provide a truly personal level of care whenever you visit us at Shukers Land Rover.

To make it easier to keep track of your Allegiance account, we'll give you an online account that shows your visit and purchase history. After signing up for the scheme, you'll receive an invitation and personal code for your account. Through a secure log-in page, you can see all of the benefits, credits and bonuses that are currently available to you at a glance.

To join the Allegiance scheme and start earning your own exclusive deals, get in touch with us today. Just fill in the form below to sign up for the Allegiance membership scheme at Shukers and receive your personal Loyalty Card.

Once you have received your Loyalty Card you can login here using the button below.