Reaching New Horizons with Electric

Electric cars have come a long way in a short time and are now opening up new horizons in range and reliability. Discover how we’re focusing on making the remarkable performance and efficiency of electric open to all.

Travel far and wide with zero emissions

A large capacity lithium-ion polymer battery gives you the freedom you need

Recharge faster than a smartphone

Multiple charging options offer total flexibility to get you on the move

Feel the power of instant torque

Our compact electric motors deliver fast acceleration.

Hyundai EV
Hyundai EV
Ioniq Electric
Ioniq Electric

Taking you further

Advances in charging and coverage give you the freedom to roam.

Charging at home

Plug into a power unit and schedule your charging at your convenience to maximise cost savings.

Charge on the go

Boost the power created from regenerative braking with a quick recharge at a public DC station.

Switch to electric now for energising rewards

An increasing number of local and national environmental initiatives are embracing forward-thinking car owners making the move to electric.

Travel in low emission zones

Electric cars combine freedom and economy as an increasing number of cities look to introduce low emission zones to protect their air quality.

Claim government incentives

Save up to £3,500* on the cost of your electric car through a government grant and a further £500* when purchasing and installing a home charging unit.

Explore our Electric Range

Kona Electric

The award-winning Kona Electric SUV is a no-compromise approach to electric driving with a high capacity of 64 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery. Its platform was specially designed for the electric powertrain to ensure outstanding driving characteristics, spacious surrounds and an exceptional everyday driving range.

  • Up to 278-mile driving range
  • 204 PS motor can achieve 0 – 62 mph in 7.9 seconds
  • Recharge up to 80% in just 75 minutes at a DC station
Kona Electric
Kona Electric

IONIQ Electric

Take the whole family electric with the sleek IONIQ Electric - perfect for both short round trips and long days out. The 38.3 kWh lithium-ion battery and high power 136 PS electric motor provide a smooth, enjoyable driving experience beyond expectations.

  • Up to 193 miles driving range
  • High aerodynamic performance; 0.24 drag coefficient
  • Recharge to 80% in just 57 minutes at a DC station
Ioniq Electric
Ioniq Electric