Shukers Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

We delighted to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, with an insight into our current apprentices. Due to the current climate, there has been an increased interest in apprenticeship programmes from individuals who would typically be interested in a university pathway, due to the instability of universities at this time.

Tom Leggett is our Service Technician apprentice at Ludlow Shukers Land Rover since 2019, who explains “I enjoy the great team I work with, and the fast pace of change in the products I’ve worked with, like the Land Rover PHEV and MHEV, it’s a great challenge to learn how complex the vehicles can be to fix”.

We have also had a variety of past apprenticeship success stories, such as Joe Barney, who became the Managing Director of Shukers in 2017, beginning his career with us in 2000 as a Parts Apprentice.

Shukers Apprentice Tom
Shukers Apprentice Tom

The Importance of Apprenticeships

We take pride in the success of our apprenticeships, to grow and develop individuals and their skillsets within their chosen roles, whilst retaining valuable knowledge.

Since the Modern Apprenticeship scheme was implemented in 1994, it has been vitally important to ensure that our teams have the correct skills in the workplace at the correct time. It is also important to develop our teams and encourage them to grow and share their newly learnt skills with the wider team. We are always looking for new ways to deliver apprentices in every division, to ensure that all teams are performing with the latest skills and knowledge in a the role that is significantly contributing to the business.